Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I am doing to my hair THIS week!

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls,

I decided not wash my hair but once this week and try and keep my curls looking the freshest possible. I was very hesitant because when I wake up i have complete BED hair and its smashed in all different places (I sleep on a satin pillowcase), but I was like I bet there is some sort of routine I could have to grow my hair and not wash it every freaking day. Y'all (yes i am southern), I think I have found it. I washed my hair last Thursday with Shea Moisture Curly Shampoo and the Knot Today KC Leave in conditioner, followed by the KCCC....Curls were CUTE!!! That night before bed I decided i needed some type of oil so Carol's Daughter Lisa's Elixer was it! So the next day to refresh my curls, I used a spray bottle and wet my hair again and added some KCCC throughout to refreshen the curls that werent so cute. I then sprayed it with some Shea Moisture Curly Hibiscous Hold Mist and I have been repeating that everyday and drying a little with my diffuser. I also wanted to try this routine because its becoming winter and I cant walk outside with super wet hair (talk about SICK), NOT cool!

Step by Step Process:

Day 1
Shampoo (Shea Moisture Curly Shampoo)
Leave in Conditioner (KC Knot Today)
Shine Mist (Shea Moisture Curly Shine Mist)

Day 1 night
Carol's Daughter Lisa's Hair Elixer

Day 2
Wet hair with spray
Shine Mist

Day 2 Night

Hair Elixer

Day 3 and so forth

Repeat Day 2

So far this is working and my curls still look pretty darn good for pretty much now 5 day hair.

*I also realized my hair doesnt like glycerin at ALL...so all these products dont have glycerin in them, which is on purpose.

Try it and see if it works for you!

Peace Love and Hair

Mel B

Friday, September 16, 2011

Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream

Good Afternoon my lovely readers!

Last week in Atlanta, I went to the Natural Hair Show at the Georgia International Convention Center. Such great deals were going on, EDEN BodyWorks had a special 4 products for $30, Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream $20, Shea Moisture had 3 for $20 and thats just a few of them. So of course I took advantage and bought a couple things I thought I would like to try. I bought the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Lotion, Jane Carter Nourishing Cream, and the Shea Moisture moisturizing line I received at their meet up as a gift. So excited to try them all!!!

So this morning I decided to try the Curl Defining Cream. So I washed my hair with the Shea Moisture Curly Shampoo, Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in and then I towel dried my hair with the deva curl microfiber towel. Then I took the curling cream and applied it as if I was using the KCCC. My hair is super soft but my curls/coils are not defined at all! I might have used it wrong and I will try it again with my hair soaking wet like with the KCCC and see if it does a better job but right now its highly overpriced as a moisturizer which is all it did for me. I will try it again later and let you know how it works!

The Shea Moisture Raw Shea Lotion is super thick and I will use it this winter so I dont have dry skin, in the summer not so much since its humid in Memphis and it will probably just melt off!

Peace Love and Hair

Mel B

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Heck Yea to Shea Moisture Coconut Curly Line!!

Hey Guys!

Its been a while since I have done a post. I have been busy! So when I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago I went to Walgreens and bought the trial size package of Shea Moister for Thick Curly hair. Included in the package was the shampoo, curl and style milk, shine mist, and the curl enhancing smoothie. I have to be honest. I loved the shampoo but I couldnt figure out where the conditioner was so I used the smoothie as the conditioner. Well Thursday night I had the pleasure of going to first meet up that Shea Moisture sponsored in Atlanta at the Lofts at Castleberry and talked to another naturalista that told me that she used the smoothie on her daughter everyday as a moisturizer and she wet it first. I also read in a pamphlet that the curly milk was a leave in conditioner! Go figure, so Friday morning I tried Shea Moister shampoo and used the curly milk as a leave in and dispersed the smoothie throughout my hair not like KCCC, but just rubbed it all over and figured through my curls. I absolutely LOVE this line!!! I loved the fact that the shampoo didnt strip my hair of all its moisture but my hair was clean and that the smoothie defined my curls and it looks and feels soooooo good. I definitely recommend this product line to anyone who has super thick coily curly hair and you have had issues with your hair feeling like a rug (lack of a better term).

I just got the Shea Moisture Curly Soufle and I cant wait to try it. I have heard some negative reviews however the owner said the agave that is in the product is what makes it kinda sticky and not to use a whole lot when applying to the hair. I will check back with you all in a week or so and let you know.

Also I am going to the Natural Hair Show tomorrow and I cant wait to pick up something new to try...

Peace Love and Hair

Mel B

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tangles, Tangles, Tangles

For all you ladies out there who need to detangle their hair in the morning Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave in Conditioner is where it is. I was washing my hair every day or other day and my hairstylist told me that I shouldnt wash it everyday. However I read that women with Type 4 curls should never comb your hair dry so I needed something to detangle and moisturize so I could get through these curls/kinks. I happened to be in target and saw it was a revitalizing leave in coniditoner that was a spray and it was misty (kinda like a combination of water and your favorite conditioner in a spray bottle to detangle your weave). It was $7.99 and three of the first five ingredients (said to be the most important) I liked....Water, Aloe Vera, and Essential Oils. Gave a shot and I love it. I have been using it everyday to detangle my hair and then adding some of the Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme to lock in the moisture and keep it feeling soft all day. Jane Carter has some other items I might try out like the Curl Defining Creme that just came out in a 16oz jar. Soon as I get it I will let you know what I think

Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Time Ritual

What do you use at night? Every night i have been using the nourish and shine by Jane Carter before I go to sleep and then I sleep on a satin pillow case. Satin pillow cases help prevent breakage but it doesnt prevent it all by itself, you have to moisturize your hair before you go to sleep just like if you wear contacts you have to take your contacts out at night. Give me your thoughts on what you should do with your hair at night? My hair is so short so I dont necessarily put a scarf on but i will once it gets longer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What's Hair Status (Has My Hair Grown)

Thought I would show everyone a picture of my hair now. I started this blog the day after I did the BC in April 19. It's now June 20. Check me out

Deva Curl No Poo Shampoo Updated Review

No Poo Shampoo does not lather! What I have realized is that it holds the moisture and I love it however what it doesn't seem to do is to cleanse my hair of all the products I put in it so when I decide to try more than just Deva Curl products on my hair I think I will do a one wash with Kinky Curly Go Clean shampoo just to rid my hair of all the excess oils and products that I have tried. Other than that I am really feeling this Deva Curl line...going out to buy the bigger bottles this week!

Peace love and hair

Mel B